MAF : Reference

MAF : Reference

This section summaries the functionality of every MAF utility, and gives a detailed description of its command line options. The main body of the information is in the three "Usage" pages linked to by the Utility reference subsection. The other subsections contain information about features which apply throughout MAF.


Notation for usage sections

The example below shows how command line options are documented for MAF utilities:

gpaxioms [loglevel] [-midfa] [-serial | -hybrid] group [-cos [subsuffix]]

  1. When a command line option, or a parameter, is shown in square brackets, then it is optional.
  2. Text in italics represent parameter values, usually file names or numbers, or occasionally a collection of standard options, as in [loglevel] above.
  3. When two or more command line options, or a command line option and a parameter, are separated by | , then it means just one of the items must be used, or in the case where the items are enclosed in square brackets, may be used.

General usage information

Utility reference